This will

probably surprise you.


“Pleasantly Surprising”

is the name of the game

for us.

glen talloch

de schotse whisky

die zich overal thuisvoelt

Picture this:

A whisky brand that is all about enjoying life and its products, yet also tells its fans to drink responsibly? Indeed. We’re not just doing this because we have to or because the government forces us, either. We wholeheartedly agree with this position and want to take our responsibility. Of course, it is great to have a drink together, celebrate a party or have a good time with friends. Nevertheless, it is important to be responsible. For everyone.

We have outlined our policy with regard to User Generated Content below.

User Generated Content Policy Glen Talloch

At Glen Talloch, we have the opportunity and responsibility to stimulate the fact that drinking responsibly is something that people can choose to do. We have adopted a consistent and effective approach to stimulate responsible alcohol usage and do everything we can to prevent alcohol abuse. This allows us to actively contribute to the prevention of irresponsible drinking behaviour. We also take our responsibility when it comes to the content posted on our online channels. For that reason, we have implemented the following guidelines with regard to the posting or sharing of comments, pictures or other (visual) materials on our channels.

Glen Talloch may delete comments, pictures or other (visual) materials if:

  • They were posted by someone who is under the minimum legal drinking age or if they show someone who is or appears to be under the minimum legal drinking age.
  • They discuss the consumption of alcohol by people under the minimum legal drinking age in a positive or encouraging manner.
  • They encourage or positively depict excessive alcohol usage.
  • They depict a correlation between the consumption of alcoholic beverages and active participation in traffic using any vehicle whatsoever.
  • They suggest a causal connection between consuming alcoholic beverages and achieving social and sexual success.
  • They suggest that consuming alcoholic beverages will positively affect one’s job performance.
  • They depict or stimulate illegal, dangerous, violent or aggressive behaviour or encourage such behaviour.
  • They suggest that consuming alcoholic beverages is a sign of maturity and not doing so is a sign of immaturity.
  • They pass judgement on those who abstain from the consumption of alcohol.
  • They contain hurtful language or gestures or could be deemed hurtful depending on one’s gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or culture.

Here’s how to drink Glen Talloch responsibly:

Avoid an empty stomach.
Never drink on an empty stomach. Always eat something beforehand, preferably something with carbohydrates in it. Good news: it is advisable to snack while you drink. Eating slows down the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol and it gives you the energy you need to have a good time.

After finishing your glass of whisky, have a glass of water. This keeps you hydrated and also slows down your alcohol consumption. It is also advisable to drink a glass of water before going to bed.

Think smaller.
Choose a smaller glass.

Do not top up your glass.
Do not top up your glass, so you can properly track how much you’ve had to drink.

Make room.
Switching to soda now and then gives you some room over the course of a night.

Keep an eye on rounds.
Stay in control (of your wallet as well as your drinking) by opting for smaller rounds or skipping a round now and then.

Women, beware.
As a woman, you should remember that alcohol has a stronger impact on your body, because the female body contains less fluid than the male body.

Choose a designated driver.
Before leaving home, choose a designated driver who will not be drinking alcohol or make sure you can get a taxi.

Pace yourself.
Give yourself enough time to rest and let your body recover after a night out. It is also important to stay physically fit!